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How many books can I read before 2018??

So here is the deal. I used to love to read and I mean LOVE. When I was in Elementary school there was a time when I was in the library every day looking for and getting a new book. That is how fast I was reading them and how much I enjoyed books. And I wasn't reading tiny chapter books either. I was staying up as late as it took to finish the whole Series of Unfortunate Events book. However, as I got older and busier, and as school reading books got more boring and tedious to read; my spark dwindled out. Well not anymore. I have challenged myself to get back into reading. And to get my spark fully back! To do so I have challenged myself to read as many books as I can before 2018. No guidelines, restrictions, or schedules. Just fun reading whenever I want and whatever book I want. Im an unfortunately slow reader these days. Let's see how this goes!
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